tourist accommodation in Kaohsiung!

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Weekdays, the definition of Wang Day

Weekdays: Sunday-Thursday

Holidays: Friday

Wang Day: Saturday (depending on total holiday price)

PayPal online credit card

Booking Matters ~ Welcome to PayPal and credit card Online payment available =)
please contact us to confirm room rates before completing payments thank you.
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Use only VISA, MASTER (American Express cards can not be used)

Jin-out time

Into the room Time: 4:00 later.(Early arrival Xianzhi 12F plus luggage placed Fei Reception)

Check-out time: before 11:30 am.

Booking procedure

  1. Please call to confirm or make an appointment in advance.
  2. After Call to confirm OK, please remit a deposit before 18:00 the next day (30% of  prices), if not received within the retention time of booking will be canceled and the deposit money, and without notice after booking.
  3. Be sure to call or send text messages to inform remittance square to complete the booking process.
  4. After we receive the deposit, will you keep the room, the balance to pay.
  5. e sure to send a text message to notify the remittance, 
    Returns Please specify: "Booking Date", "Name", "five yards after the account"; completion of the above procedure for the booking party success.
    (We will confirm correct amount, return pass SMS notification)
  6. After the remittance Ruoyin Gu Yu cancellation, please notify two weeks ago, and can not be changed Check Room. Date, nor reduce the number of days and number, otherwise the deposit forfeited without notice
※Note: Please read the instructions, if not fit, do not Reservation yo! Will not cause each other problems.

Use ATM transfer / remittance or online savings

Always call to confirm


  • No Pets Allowed (Pet accommodation charge offenders $ 500 cleaning fee extra)
  • Indoor total ban alcohol, smoking, chewing betel nut.
  • No smoking room
  • Accommodation prices excluding breakfast and parking fees
  • Do not open the room and violations Party atmosphere of kindness
  • Otherwise, according to the price required to receive compensation and decorating the house cleaning costs do not destroy or move out of the house to bring the house furnishings and supplies (such as home appliances, towels and room equipment and other furnishings are ~ ~ ~)
  • Registration required before check documents (please show resident identity card or driver's license)
  • Follow accommodation booking number, for an extra bed please inform if the number of super-lived, subject to 500 yuan per person / per night
  • Spring (false), Christmas, New Year's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Valentine's Day, summer vacation and holiday rates are continuously quoted in the announcement or telephone.
  • Limit two twin occupancy, quadruple occupancy limit of four, and so on ~ (7years old above considered one)
    Plus a +400 yuan (including bed, spare)
Note: Please read the above description, if not fit, do not Reservation yo! It will not cause problems with each other

Refund Description

  • In case of a typhoon in Kaohsiung city government released the same day to a full refund or stop class reserved for use before and after the typhoon storm left within three months, the weather changes can not be regarded as a general retreat given factor.
  • After the remittance Ruoyin Gu Yu cancellation, please notify two weeks ago, can a full refund (minus a fee 100 yuan / one night), otherwise the deposit forfeited without notice
  • The suite provides only Accommodation Check the date, you can not make other changes considered in conjunction with the trip, please consider separately when booking
  • If you need or want further contact booking any questions, please contact the "Kaohsiung 85 Building plus Fei theme suites" link.